Green Care Energy understands the importance of choosing the right system and company to install your heating system for your home. Whether or not you want to put in a boiler, water heater, furnace, etc, GCE will ensure this process is swift and easy for you. While choosing a system with the right price is important, making sure you have chosen the correct system for your home is equally as important. For example, you need to make sure the unit you have chosen can bring you both comfort ant efficiency. With the help of your technicians we can help you choose the right size that is appropriate to the conditions of your home and environment. Ensuring that you choose a company that will help you pick out the right system is therefore crucial.

Another important tip for when you are choosing your heating system is to pay attention to see how energy efficient your unit is. Pay attention to an AFUE rating, this number represent the energy efficiency of your model. It might be worthwhile to spend a little bit more on a better and more efficient unit because this will definitely pay itself off in the end. The efficiency of your heating unit is especially important when you live in a place like Canada. You will end up saving on your utility bill each month during our long and harsh winters.

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